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A sleek web3 professional profile crafted for you.

Design & customize your profile

Easy to use interface to customize your profile. Enter your links, avatar, custom colors, and much more.

Unique profile page

Quickly share your profile with others using a QR Code. If you have an ENS, your profile will instantly be available at your ENS.

Build your resume

Attach your profile with the badges you collect into your wallet and build your on-chain resume.

ABC Summer 2022 badge Design

Badges for everything

Issue blockchain badges to recognize, reward, commemorate, verify, and much more. Don't think twice, just Skube it.

SWE Internship 2022, ABC.XYZ

Sid Patel💼 Employment

Issued 08/08/2022

B.S. Computer Science, University of Toronto

Akuchi Ladipo📜 Diploma

Issued 07/15/2022

Best Design, Hacktoberfest 2022

Jim Kim🏆 Award

Issued 09/21/2022

Web3 Miami

Sam Gouda🎟️ Conference

Issued 07/03/2022

President, CMU Trading Club

Alexis Zon🙋 Membership

Issued 08/02/2022

Digital Marketing, Edu Mellon

Sheetal Sharma🏛️ Certificate

Issued 07/17/2022

Best Actress, Institute Awards

Jessica Sony🎥 Film

Issued 09/12/2022

Infrastructure Team, Lotion

Che Makonaha💼 Employment

Issued 07/29/2022

1st Place, PHL Tennis Championships

Greta Lam🏆 Award

Issued 08/10/2022


Skube Protocol

Skube Protocol allows you to own your web3 professional profile. With our tools, developers can build apps to issue badges, verify skills, apply to jobs, display profiles, and more all while letting everyone own their data.

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